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Friday 23rd August 2019 to Wednesday 28th August 2019


Working with my son, this exhibition shows what it is as a mother to see one of your children's drug taking and partying spiral out of control, ending in a devastating addiction to the opiod painkiller OxyContin.  I watched my son, helplessly, as his addiction became increasingly chaotic, mad, destructive and dangerous.  It is with astonishing courage and strength that he is now rebuilding his life, and  after many years, he is no longer taking this dangerous drug.  The paintings are powerful, raw and show how powerless I felt, despite watching overdose after overdose, to do anything at all to stop this terrible thing happening to my son.  I do not pull the punches either.  I am in no doubt at all of the madness addiction brings to the family and to others who are affected, and the point of these paintings is to say, Look.  This is what I saw, this is how it was. It is not pretty.  And all the time, this is my son.  

I am very grateful that he has come back, and is with us still.  

Where - Waltham House Arts and Wellness Centre, Town Cross Avenue, Bognor Regis PO21 2DS

Open   - 12 - 8pm daily

Entrance free

Loss Conversations, Confidential Respectful Talking Space
Wednesday 14th August 2019

Every two weeks at the

Sussex Stonemasons, Coop Funeralcare, 7 Canada Grove, Bognor Regis. PO21 1DW

When:  Next meeting is on Wednesday 14th August
Time: 10am – 12pm
Suggested Donation: £2

I run these meetings every second Wednesday with my dear friend and colleague, retired hospice nurse Gill Lake. A friendly, confidential and supportive space to talk about loss and the effect it has on your life. Loss can make you feel isolated and powerless, finding it difficult to cope with life. Loss Conversations is a safe space for you to talk about what is happening for you. All welcome, teas and coffees provided.

All welcome

Life, Death and Soul Midwife Discussions
Friday 09th August 2019

A simple approach and of huge comfort

What is soul midwifery?  What do soul midwives do, and is there a secret?  And how is dying a part of our living?  A talk, a question and answer, and a discussion on living and dying and all that goes with it.  Held in my garden, we will see where our discussions lead us, and hope to understand a little more about life. Teas, coffees, snacks and, we hope, a balmy summer evening.

I hope to hold these discussion groups regularly, to talk things over, discuss living and dying, and to help to prepare us for when dying becomes a part of our worlds.  

Held in the garden at

 113 Marshall Avenue, Bognor Regis, PO21 2TH

 6pm - 7pm  £5 on the door, all welcome - just turn up.

Saturday 13th July 2019 to Monday 15th July 2019

A jolly, fun garden party and sale in my own lovely garden here in Bognor Regis.  Fundraising for Macmillan Cancer Charity, and promoting awareness of both my own work as an artist and soul midwife, and of Waltham House Arts and Wellness Centre here in Bognor, where I hold many of my events.  

  • Paintings from my studio, cards, prints, crafts
  • Taster Reiki sessions
  • Soul midwife discussions
  • Food and drink - probably all cake related, knowing me. 

All welcome!  Children welcome, disabled access to the garden, £2 entry admission straight to Macmillan.

13 AND 14 JULY

Starts 2pm and ends 9pm both days.  

The Soul Midwife Sofa.
Monday 06th May 2019

The Soul Midwife Sofa is open from Monday 6 May onwards.  A confidential holistic support and listening service around end of life.

A Soul Midwife is a holistic end of life companion.  I have a Soul Midwife page on this website you can visit to read more of what I do in this role.

Are you facing death?  Your own or someone else's?

The Soul Midwife Sofa offers a safe and supportive space for anyone facing a death, either their own or someone else's.  I offer a kind, honest place for you to tell the truth, explore your feelings, talk over what to do, ask questions, or simply get things off your chest.  With over ten years of experience, including my own losses, I realise that we often wish we could speak to someone about the distress, confusion and anger we feel and witness around end of life. I have also found we long to speak of the miracles, the insights and the love around death too. 

The Soul Midwife Sofa is at Waltham House Studios, Town Cross Avenue, Bognor Regis.  Sessions last one hour and £30 is payable on booking to secure your space.  

Call me, Antonia, on 07787754123, to book.

Coming Home Workshops - the next workshop is
Sunday 03rd March 2019


"Take back your power, take back your path, live your truth." 

 How is it that we wander so far away from home, from ourselves? When we forget who we are, we feel disconnected without knowing why, aware of a sense of loss but knowing that there is more to us than this. Coming Home workshops last for the whole day, and include discussion, creative exploration and deep thinking to explore how we get lost, and how we become homesick for ourselves. We will look at ways to Come Home, what is it to Be Home and centred in ourselves, and how, eventually, we prepare to Go Home when we face, as we all will do, the end of our lives.

No experience of art or creativity needed.  This workshop is about life. Your life, and living your life.  If you are coming back to yourself, who are you coming home to?  Who do you believe you are?

Work hard together in the morning, thinking outside the box and understanding how we got so far from home, and how we come back to stand in our own space and power.  Explore creatively with Life Boards in the afternoon; Life Boards are a wonderful way to create a representation of how you are feeling right now.  They never lie, and are always a surprise.  You keep these to remind you of who you feel you are today - despite our best efforts, they are always good. 

Cost £80 per person, all materials, lunch and snacks provided. 

To book please email Antonia on or call 07787754123

 Full payment is required to secure your place.

Arrive 09.30 for a 10.00 start.  Finish 4.00

Antonia Rolls has worked with people facing the end of life for the last ten years, both as an artist and a soul midwife. A soul midwife is an emotional and spiritual companion for anyone facing the end of life, at any time from diagnosis to death, for however many minutes, hours or days are requested. Working with people facing the end of life has made Antonia see how important it is to live our lives fully now, right now, and with awareness, before we have to prepare to leave. Life, your life, is so important and learning to live it fully is a life long commitment. Wishing you had understood more as you are preparing to leave life happens all too often. Antonia's Coming Home workshop days are intended to start your awareness that you have much more power in your life than you think.

"This is a truly special workshop. All of us who attended the last one want to book again in six months' time to see how we have progressed. Highly recommended."

"As we meander our way through life, most of us get so caught up in the chaos of living and the routine of our daily lives, we actually forget who we truly are, and in so doing forget our true potential. This workshop is empowering and relevant."


"It was the most amazing day of Antonia’s wise words, the sharing of so many of our experiences and the departing and feeling that I have been let into the secret of how to live a happier, more contented life. ❤️"


"Antonia has a knack of making you feel special. The lovely Waltham House building (what a beautifully designed toilet enclosure!) we met in was draped (some literally) in her personal touches which transform a space. I personally enjoyed the day and it gave me room to think about where perhaps I want to move towards and what's important to me. I particularly liked a visualisation & getting sticky with collage and colour - the result sits next to my bed as a reminder of the Essence of Me (Don't stray too far from it Deb!). This time for me was a prodding, but, it was also a chance to see some other participants have a 'Life Change' moment, which was quite special.  Thanks for the chance to have some gentle reflection & guidance, in a busy world."


The A Graceful Death Exhibition, portraits and words from the end of life
Friday 26th October 2018 to Sunday 28th October 2018


Open Friday, Saturday and Sunday 11am to 5pm

Open evening Thursday 25 October 6pm to 9pm

This showing of the AGD exhibition is at last coming to Chichester, where I have wanted to exhibit since the project began in 2009.  It feels as if the exhibition is coming home, and I am so happy to invite you to come and take part in the event.

There is much information on the A Graceful Death page of this website, and I hope you will take a look.  The exhibition is about living, life, love and death.  The paintings show the people I have worked with just as they are, on their final journey and often not looking well, but crucially, still living.  Until we are dead, they seem to say, we are very much alive.  Each person in each portrait has answered two questions 

  • Who are you?
  • What do you want to say?

On each of the days during the exhibition there will be workshops, talks and discussions on subjects such as - soul midwifery, on reassurances on the dying process, on holistic care and therapy, on grief manifestations as physical pain, and more.  I will post details when the workshops have been finalised.

Entry is free, is open to everyone, all ages, and there will be tea, coffee and cakes available.

The A Graceful Death exhibition is a whole experience.  It will be emotional, challenging, uplifting, inspiring.  There will be at least two dedicated Listeners on hand at all times if you would like to talk or if you need someone to sit with you. I remember the first time I exhibited these paintings, realising that so many of us have stories to tell about love and death, and nowhere to tell them.  A Graceful Death exhibition is about what it means to die, to face our mortality, and to live our lives fully today.

You are all most lovingly welcome.


We are delighted to have soul midwife and soul midwife teacher Mandy Preece talking about deep listening and Being Rock on Saturday 27 October.

Other wonderful speakers and workshop leaders -

Madeleine Pook on pain and grief reactions. Madeleine is a pain management specialist and a physio advisor to HMSA UK.

Mel Sheppard, Reiki Master and working with cancer patients over many years, will speak of her experiences and insights

Gill Lake, palliative care nurse of over 30 years, author and healing presence, will host a discussion about reassurances during the dying process

I am hoping to have a representative from Macmillan to talk about visiting and befriending as a volunteer

I will talk on soul midwifery and the AGD exhibition

Victoria Hulatt, artist and creator of spiritual labyrinths, will create for us a symbolic and healing finger labyrinth.

Times and dates of each session uploaded very soon.


The Quiet Spaces, Living and Dying Workshop.
Friday 16th March 2018

Held at Waltham House Studio, Town Cross Avenue, Bognor Regis PO21 2DS

2pm to 4pm, entrance £5 on the door

In between our living and dying are the quiet spaces. In this workshop, we talk together about what it means to live and what it means to die. What we fear in death, we fear in life too - and what we think of our lives has influence on the way we die. A good way to begin to think things through is to talk together about them. 









A Graceful Dying - One Woman Show
Monday 30th May 2016 to Sunday 05th June 2016

What is dying? How do people do it? This show asks questions about dying and has no answers about living, looking at what death seems to be, and how it makes us live. And living is the thing we need to do most. As one lady close to her death said – go home and play with your children. Leave your housework, leave everything, go and play with your kids.

The A Graceful Dying show is moving, thoughtful, kind, loving and at times funny. It will certainly make you think.

At the Sweet Dukebox Theatre, The Iron Duke, Waterloo Street, Brighton BN3 1AQ  at 4.30pm

"Thank you for inspiring and providing help through painful experiences for me and so many others. Never hold back because it is the truth that makes it so beautiful."

Tickets: £8 or £5 for concessions.

Direct Sweet Venues ticket links can be found on the link below -  

Simply scroll down to A Graceful Dying title, click on it, and the address bar will show the link that goes directly to theshow 


Soul Midwifery @ Worthing Dowsers Spectrum
Thursday 24th March 2016

A talk on Soul Midwifery at the Worthing Dowsers Spectrum group at the Quaker Meeting House in Worthing. Wednesday 24 February 2016 from 7.30 - 9.00pm.  Email for more details.

A Graceful Death @ A Good Death, Cornwall
Friday 29th January 2016

During the morning, presentations will be made by Peninsula Community Health, Royal Cornwall Hospitals Trust, Cornwall Hospice Care, with a GP and social care perspective highlighted too. The focus of these discussions will be good practice and the challenges faced in Cornwall’s current end-of-life system.

In the afternoon examples of out-of-county end-of-life care and the soul midwifery movement will be presented. This will be followed by workshops to discuss what constitutes best practice for the patient and their family and/or friends as carers, and how joined up pathways of care should work.

A further Healthwatch Cornwall report will be produced following this event. It will indicate best practice ideals from the professionals viewpoint and include recommendations to NHS Kernow to inform an End-of-Life Charter, which will be based on the main principles agreed by the professionals attending.

A Graceful Death @ Elephant in the Room End of Life Awareness
Saturday 23rd January 2016 to Wednesday 27th January 2016

The Elephant In the Room aims to promote awareness of End-of-life issues through events, discussions, support and information.

By covering such topics as End-of-Life care, Funeral Planning, Advance Decisions, Wills, Organ Donation etc., we want to help to break through the mystery, fear and confusion and to take away the stress and worry that is so often faced at the end of life, whether it is our own or that of a loved one.

We held our first Elephant In The Room, 4-day event at the end of October in 2014 at the YMCA in Swansea. The event consisted of talks and workshops, exhibitor stands, a musical concert, presentation of the play "Colder Than Here" and Antonia Rolls' art exhibition, "A Graceful Death".