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A Graceful Dying - One Woman Show
Monday 30th May 2016 to Sunday 05th June 2016

What is dying? How do people do it? This show asks questions about dying and has no answers about living, looking at what death seems to be, and how it makes us live. And living is the thing we need to do most. As one lady close to her death said – go home and play with your children. Leave your housework, leave everything, go and play with your kids.

The A Graceful Dying show is moving, thoughtful, kind, loving and at times funny. It will certainly make you think.

At the Sweet Dukebox Theatre, The Iron Duke, Waterloo Street, Brighton BN3 1AQ  at 4.30pm

"Thank you for inspiring and providing help through painful experiences for me and so many others. Never hold back because it is the truth that makes it so beautiful."

Tickets: £8 or £5 for concessions.

Direct Sweet Venues ticket links can be found on the link below -  

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Soul Midwifery @ Worthing Dowsers Spectrum
Thursday 24th March 2016

A talk on Soul Midwifery at the Worthing Dowsers Spectrum group at the Quaker Meeting House in Worthing. Wednesday 24 February 2016 from 7.30 - 9.00pm.  Email spectrumworthing@gmail.com for more details.

A Graceful Death @ A Good Death, Cornwall
Friday 29th January 2016

During the morning, presentations will be made by Peninsula Community Health, Royal Cornwall Hospitals Trust, Cornwall Hospice Care, with a GP and social care perspective highlighted too. The focus of these discussions will be good practice and the challenges faced in Cornwall’s current end-of-life system.

In the afternoon examples of out-of-county end-of-life care and the soul midwifery movement will be presented. This will be followed by workshops to discuss what constitutes best practice for the patient and their family and/or friends as carers, and how joined up pathways of care should work.

A further Healthwatch Cornwall report will be produced following this event. It will indicate best practice ideals from the professionals viewpoint and include recommendations to NHS Kernow to inform an End-of-Life Charter, which will be based on the main principles agreed by the professionals attending.

A Graceful Death @ Elephant in the Room End of Life Awareness
Saturday 23rd January 2016 to Wednesday 27th January 2016

The Elephant In the Room aims to promote awareness of End-of-life issues through events, discussions, support and information.

By covering such topics as End-of-Life care, Funeral Planning, Advance Decisions, Wills, Organ Donation etc., we want to help to break through the mystery, fear and confusion and to take away the stress and worry that is so often faced at the end of life, whether it is our own or that of a loved one.

We held our first Elephant In The Room, 4-day event at the end of October in 2014 at the YMCA in Swansea. The event consisted of talks and workshops, exhibitor stands, a musical concert, presentation of the play "Colder Than Here" and Antonia Rolls' art exhibition, "A Graceful Death".