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In the Studio
In the Studio
Antonia and Jackie after her chemo
Antonia and Jackie after her chemo


I work as an artist, soul midwife and a healer, sometimes all at the same time, sometimes separately. Part of being an artist is the joy of expression, and this takes the form of painting, writing, performing and public speaking. I express how I am affected by the work I do, what it teaches me, and the stories of the people that I meet.

As a painter my work is colourful and figurative. I work in oils and in acrylics and my work includes portraits of both individuals and families, quirky sideways looks at our Christian story (see The Male Madonna, the God’s Life series, Jesus on the Tube), whimsical paintings exploring the True Fairy at middle age, and some book illustration which I have loved doing, you can view my work in the gallery.

My writing includes published articles on end of life matters, and my blog. Here, in the blog, I write about healing, soul midwifery, art, life and death.  It is a place to think in print, for example on such topics as "This dying business. and what to do about it." "A Soul Midwife - not a Diva, a Mary Poppins, or Jesus"

A soul midwife is a compassionate friend, an end of life companion, for anyone preparing for and going through the dying process, and this includes families and friends. This work is varied and profound; it involves visits, support, deep listening, and publicly raising end of life awareness through the A Graceful Death exhibition and various workshops in the community, read more about soul midwifery. I also offer -

The Soul Midwife Sofa a holistic listening and support service for anyone facing an end of life, either their own or someone else's. A safe, confidential, gentle and supportive space to talk things through, ask questions, get things off your chest.  At Waltham House Studio Therapy Room in Bognor, £30 per hour long session.  Please phone 07787754123 to book a session. More information on the Events Page.

Reiki Energy Healing and Intuitive Feedback.  As a Usui Reiki Master I offer Reiki energy healing and intuitive feedback also at Waltham House Studio Therapy Room.  Reiki is an ancient Japanese technique for stress reduction, relaxation and gentle but powerful healing.  Simple, natural and safe, it benefits everyone, working alongside all other medical and therapeutic techniques.  First session 120 minutes £60, following sessions 90 minutes at £45.  Please phone 07787754123 to book a session.

The A Graceful Death exhibition is a wonderful combination of both soul midwifery and art. It is a collection of more than 50 paintings, including portraits of and interviews with people who are facing the end of their life. I worked with the dying for over eight years to paint their portraits and ask them to speak about what was happening to them. I asked two questions, Who are you and What do you want to say? A Graceful Death shows all around the country promoting end of life awareness and hosting workshops, talks and discussions within the exhibition, you can view images from the exhibitions here.

The A Graceful Dying one woman show opened at the Brighton Fringe in May 2016. The show was about dying, with stories from the people I worked with over the years as an artist and soul midwife. It explored how the way they died and what they said about it, can teach us how to live, and how to recognise that our dying is a part of our living. It is moving, thoughtful, amusing and uplifting. There are images of death, respectful, gentle images of death, which will highlight what living is all about.