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Soul Midwifery

A wonderful idea, a simple approach and of huge comfort. A soul midwife is a holistic end of life companion; non-judgemental, non-denominational, offering companionship and support for those facing a life threatening condition, from any time between diagnosis and death. This includes the support of family and friends.

The term soul midwife was created by Felicity Warner, and there are many soul midwives now, each creating their own way of working to ease and comfort the end of life journey. Soul midwifery is something all of us can do, and many end of life professionals incorporate the gentle, personal and holistic values of a soul midwife in their practice without ever having met a soul midwife. One of the most valuable things, for me, that soul midwifery offers is gentle, compassionate, time. The time to sit with, the time to listen, the time to be silent with someone and the pure human gift of respectful and empathetic companionship. Sometimes families and friends need support, and a soul midwife will offer the same kind companionship to them as they go through the experience of losing someone they hold dear.

I have trained with both Felicity in Dorset, and with Hermoine Elliot, of Doulas for the Dying, in Lewes.

I have been working with the dying since 2009 both with the A Graceful Death exhibition and as a soul midwife.

I have excellent links to other soul midwife colleagues with skills in healing, sound therapy, hypnotherapy and reiki. We often work together, with the agreement of the person I am working with, if it brings benefit and peace.

As a soul midwife, I offer practical support for the end of life journey, gentle companionship and deep listening, which includes for the families and friends of the person facing the end of life. I am fully insured and can offer references.

I can offer:

  • Visits to homes, hospitals, hospices, care homes to spend time with, befriend and support.
  • Gentle creative activities such as painting, writing, crafts, depending on the strength and wishes of the person visited.
  • Helping to sit with the dying at the very end of life, and supporting the family and friends.
  • Gentle Touch massage and Reiki if requested
  • Companionship during bereavement and dealing with grief.

To arrange a visit, a meeting, or to talk over what I can do for you, please call 07787 754123 during office hours. For urgent needs call any time and I will do my best to respond.  There is also the direct email address, the link is also at the top of the page.

There is a charge for soul midwifery services, though if it is difficult, donations are accepted.  Please ask for details.