Antonia Rolls

Artist Extraordinaire

My book “As Mother Lay Dying”…

is a powerful tapestry of experiences, memories and insights from a bedside, covering not only the experience of a mother’s dying, but the dyings of all those family and friends gone before.

The book is described as “descriptive, moving and honest, Antonia weaves stories of death, life, grief and recovery to show us how a single dying can unfold in love, and how loss and recovery can be tinged with beauty and understanding”.

This is a personal story of relationship, of care, of loss and of redemption. The narrative weaves between the past and the future blending pain, struggle and loss with love, joy and understanding.

It captures the truth of mothers and daughters and the legacy of family. And, it captures the truth about death and what it means to honour the last months and weeks of life.

“As Mother Lay Dying ” is available in both paperback at £7.99 and kindle at £4.99.